Guaranteed since 1998 by ISO 9001 certification

In Forjas Santa Barbara we work to meet the needs of all our customers. In order to achieve that we put all our knowledge into the manufacture of a top quality product that optimises the grinding process.

Experience accumulated over more than 50 years’ activity, together with research, development and innovation, are strengthened by strict controls, guaranteed since 1998 by ISO 9001 certification.

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Continuous Quality Control Guarantee

In FSB we carry continuous quality control of each and every process that is part of the Manufacturing Order:

– We verify the characteristics of the received raw material.

– All through the manufacturing process (Heating, Forging, Quenching and Tempering), we control all the parameters that affect the quality of the final product.

– We analyze and test the final product to make sure that it fulfills the requirements of our customers.

Once manufacturing has finished and before dispatch to the client, we check and certify the properties set for each batch – chemical composition, hardness, micro structure and grain size.

Finally, we ensure that the end product is properly packaged and labelled.


A product that stands out for the great wear and impact resistance. This is the reason why there are not breakages or spalling, and that contributes in an stable grinding, requiring smaller loads of grinding media and lower power costs in the grinding process.

We are proud that 90% of our clients have been using our products for over 10 years.

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We are guaranteed since 1998 by ISO 9001 certification.

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Corporate Video

The following video is an overview of Forjas Santa Barbara’s activity.